Session Description

In this session, educators will deconstruct the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and explore their responsibilities related to the teacher evaluation process. Participants will individually choose focus areas and make a plan for professional growth.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process.
  • Analyze the elements and descriptors of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards.
  • Connect the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards with behaviors and evidences.
  • ncees manual pic.PNGReflect on practice and set goals for professional growth.


NCDPI WikiCentral
Teacher Evaluation Process Graphic (revised May 2015) - This one page visual outlines the teacher evaluation process
Minimum Observation Requirements
NCEES Evaluation Process
NCEES Rubric


Getting Acquainted Activity

On an index card, write:
  • Name, grade, where you're from
  • Share one Teacher Tool

Teacher Tools We Love


Activity - Play a game - Facilitator Link
  • Get out your phone or tablet
  • Go to
  • Type in the pin shown on screen
  • Give yourself an alias
  • Play game and enjoy

Activity - Group Discussion

  • What concerns do you have about the NC Teacher Evaluation Process?
  • How will you use the NC Teacher Evaluation Process to support your personal learning and growth?

NC Professional Teaching Standards



Activity: Standard I Discussion

  • Table Talk
  • Small-group discussion with colleagues sitting near you
  • Discuss at least 2 ways that teachers can:
    • Lead in the classroom
    • Lead in the school
    • Lead in the teaching profession
Record ideas on the Tricider

Activity: Understanding the Standards & Elements

Divide into groups: Each group will examine the standards and elements
  • Complete a close reading of the gray area for the elements. What are the elements asking teachers to do?
  • Closely examine the descriptors. What teacher behaviors should you observe for proficiency? Student behaviors?
  • Create a graphic representation of this teacher

Table Talk
  • What specific behaviors do you need to see for a teacher to be proficient or above in Standard V?
  • How can you become reflective practitioners?

Whole-group discussion & Share Posters

NC Evaluation Online Tool

Summary & Evaluation