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Preparing Students for the World: Final Report of the State Board of Education's Task Force on Global Education

Full Report: (pdf, 728kb)

Executive Summary: (pdf, 409kb)

From Planning to Doing
The State Board of Education in 2014 and 2015 took action to provide statewide infrastructure that supports and guides educators in a common vision for global education North Carolina Public Schools. It designated recognition for educators, schools and districts that show significant focus and dedication.
Global Educator Digital Badge

Global - Ready Schools Designation

Global - Ready District Designation

Global Languages Endorsement

NC Dual Language/Immersion Programs

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Summary & Reflection


Activity - Time for Collaboration

  • How do you plan to use the information you learned today?
  • How can you share what you learned in this session with colleagues?
  • How might you use this session and resources to build capacity in your own district or charter school?