NCEES Standards Deep Dive

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Center Planning Guides and Posters - NCDPI K-3 Literacy Live Binder

Research Activity

  • Identify the element you will research.
  • Click on the element link.
  • Look through the slide deck and resources linked to the element.
  • Prepare to share what you learned.

Standard & Elements

.....Standard 1a.....

.....Standard 2a.....

......Standard 3a......

......Standard 4b......

......Standard 4g......

Standard 1b

Standard 2b

Standard 3b

Standard 4c

Standard 4h

Standard 1c

Standard 2c

Standard 3c

Standard 4d

Standard 5a

Standard 1d

Standard 2d

Standard 3d

Standard 4e

Standard 5b

Standard 1e

Standard 2e

Standard 4a

Standard 4f

Standard 5c

Triad Sharing

  • Orange card--Share research (≅ 2 min.)
    • Summary of Content
    • Conclusions
    • Next steps/what can be done with the information
  • Green card--Appreciative Feedback (≅ 2 min.)
    • Share a resource you thought of while Orange shared
    • Share appreciative feedback when Orange finishes sharing
  • Yellow card--”Elevator Speech” (≅ 2 min.)
    • Take notes during the share time
    • Summarize the research by writing an Elevator Speech

Summary & Reflection


Activity - Time for Collaboration

  • How do you plan to use the information you learned today?
  • How can you share what you learned in this session with colleagues?
  • How might you use this session and resources to build capacity in your own district or charter school?