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June 21, 2017 Sandhills - UNC Pembroke
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Service Support Team
The Statewide System of Support is comprised of four service support teams. Within these area teams, cross-agency staff members collaborate to serve the state's eight prosperity zones, by collecting and analyzing data to identify common needs and offer customized support for school improvement by engaging in the following:
  • Analyze data to develop and implement targeted professional learning
  • Identify and develop resources for educator growth and improvement
  • Guide LEAs and Charters with effective resource allocation decisions
  • Assess and modify the quality and alignment of the services provided by the team

Break-out Sessions

NCEES Standards Deep Dive: Room 203 @ 10:25, 11:30
Presenter: Heather Stewart, Professional Development Coordinator, NCDPI

Session Description: In this session, participants will gain a better understanding of the North Carolina Professional Teacher Standards. Element exploration and dissection will provide clearer insight into evidences and data needed for proficiency. Participants will analyze the elements and descriptors of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, connect the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards with behaviors and evidences, and reflect on practice and set goals for professional growth.

Effective Instructional Leadership: Room 210 @ 10:25, 11:30
Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Simmons, NCEES Consultant, NCDPI

Session Description: Nothing in the principal's role is more important for ensuring successful student learning than effective instructional leadership. Monitoring what takes place at the classroom level will increase the likelihood that schools will achieve their goals for student learning. This session focuses on School Executive Standard 2: Instructional Leadership and best practices to ensure a focus on curriculum, instruction and assessment.

School Culture: Working with Adults: Room 212 @ 10:25, 11:30
Presenter: Dr. Francis Harris-Burke, Service Support Coordinator, NCDPI

Session Description:This session addresses school culture by exploring the different types of relationships present in schools. Assistant Principals will use the Consultancy Protocol to unpack a dilemma to explore the ethical dimensions of school culture and connections to the Human Resources Standard.

Developing a Dynamic Professional Atmosphere: Room 203 @ 2:30
Presenter: Cindi Rigsbee-Regional Education Facilitator, NCDPI

Session Description: This interactive session is designed to highlight team building strategies that can enhance the climate of the school building. Participants will review retention data while networking to develop practices that retain, support, and grow teacher leaders. Participants will learn how to create avenues of transparent communication and how to reinforce good instructional practices while empowering teacher leaders. Through the culture of collaborative leadership, a core guiding coalition is established, increasing morale and teacher retention.

Effectively Supporting Generations in Your Work: Room 210 @ 2:30
Presenter: Dr. Gerri Martín, Service Support Coordinator, NCDPI

Session Description:In this session, participants will explore the various generations that are present in the workplace and discover effective practices to support each. Participants will be able to answer the following questions: Is there a Generation Gap? If so, how can employees young and seasoned find common ground?

Whole Group Sessions

Title: Global Education Room: 222/223 @ 9:10
Presenter: Helga Fasciano, Special Assistant forGlobal Education, NCDPI

Session Description: It is vitally important that NC students become globally engaged and productive citizens. To accomplish this goal, teachers of all content areas should embed global competencies into daily lessons and activities. This session will provide an overview of the NC Public Schools strategic plan to support educators, schools and districts in reaching this goal. Global Awareness connections to the classroom, the North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES) and school/district planning will be explored and resources provided.

Principal Panel Pembroke Room: 222/223 @ 1:45
Gemette McEachern, William H Owen Elementary.CCS
Mark Pepper, Grays Creek Middle, CCS
Derrick Boyd, Hallsboro Middle, Columbus County

This panel discussion will focus on effective practices to enhance promotion from Assistant Principal to Principal and the early years. You will observe how first-year principals plan for the following:
  • Improving/supporting teacher evaluation
  • Recruiting, supporting, and retaining teachers
  • Improving teacher professional development
  • Supporting teacher leadership
  • How to prioritize your “in-basket”