AP Ready 2016 - NCEES Rubric

Getting Acquainted Activity


Activity - Play a game - Facilitator Link
  • Get out your phone or tablet
  • Go to Kahoot.it
  • Type in the pin shown on screen
  • Give yourself an alias
  • Play game and enjoy

Using the NC Educator Evaluation Rubric to Support Teacher Growth

Power Point Presentation


Activity - Work in groups to answer the questions below. Be prepared to share.

Discussion Questions

  • How can you support the development of a deeper understanding of the rubric for teachers?

  • Who else could use the Promote-Probe-Push strategy?


Summary & Reflection


Activity - Time for Collaboration

  • How do you plan to use the information you learned today?
  • How can you share what you learned in this session with colleagues?
  • How might you use this session and resources to build capacity in your own district or charter school?

*Please complete the Feedback/Evaluation Link (emailed in a few days)**