Activity - Consider and Discuss
  • What strategies did you use to read the two passages?
  • Turn to your partner and discuss
  • Share out

How do we 'Read to Understand'?
  • Learn to Read
  • Read to Learn

Share three ways to support students while reading.

Activity - 4 Corners - Take sticky notes with you
  • Read the 'Topic' for each poster in the 4 corners
  • Label your sticky notes: I, R, C (important, resource, challenge)
  • Write one reason why this topic is important
  • Write one resource that goes with the topic; a book, a strategy, a website, a tech tool, etc.
  • Write one challenge you have in this area
  • Rotate to all posters

*Please thank the Champions who volunteered or were 'voluntold' to summarize the posters for the group.

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Activity - Discuss as a group
  • What makes a lesson effective?
  • What are some characteristics of a good lesson?
  • What are the “look fors” in an effective lesson?

Web Resources

Activity - Click on the links below
  • Identify the source
  • What was useful and why


What resources do you use? Use the Padlet to share:


Resources for 20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

Weigh the Words
Quick-REACH Toolkit
Show You Know
Study Guide for 20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core

Resources for Teaching Reading is Science, Social Studies, and Math

Scholastic Science Magazine (6-12)